House Tour: Patterns and Play

This lovely family home is all about fun. Bold patterns and playful prints takeover the space in a rather elegant way. We think this is the perfect home for the little ones, as there is fun to be had in every corner. 

Investing in a home is a big decision and the choice of decor is informed by all who live there. These homeowners decided to incorporate a lot of opportunities for play when they chose their decor. Their flexible attitudes mean that their children get to immerse themselves in a wonderful space.

We see a neutral blue-grey colour palette throughout the house- all the better to show off those lovely patterns and prints! Cute and quirky decor accessories are everywhere- from the gold confetti-style mural above the stairs, to the blue polka dot wallpaper- there is fun to be had for the whole family.

House Tour Patterns and Play 1
House Tour Patterns and Play 2
House Tour Patterns and Play 3
House Tour Patterns and Play
Via Photography by Natalie Seitz


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