House Tour: Is Blue the new Black?

A big blue trend is happening all over the world. Colour palettes are moving from neutral tones to bluer and brighter backdrops. Today’s house tour takes the blue trend to another level, by playing with contrasting shades to make this colour the timeless new black. 

The best thing about the colour blue is it’s calming properties. Perhaps this is the reason why a sense of whimsical nostalgia sweeps over us when we take a look at this space? Refreshing and tranquil, we are loving the blue trend more and more.

This Polish homeowner has incorporated the best decor trends and put their own ‘blue’ stamp on them. From the turquoise love seat in the living room, to the variety of different coloured seats throughout this home, we see industrial lighting and monochrome tiling in the bathroom compete effortlessly for attention thanks to the cool tones.

House Tour Is Blue the new Black1
House Tour Is Blue the new Black2
House Tour Is Blue the new Black3
House Tour Is Blue the new Black4


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