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House Tour: A Rooftop Loft

A charming street in Amsterdam sets the mood for this house tour. A loft apartment has the benefits of a magical view and a rooftop area in which to soak up the sun on cloudless days.

An all-white interior sets the tone for boundless natural light to filter in to even the shaded areas of this lovely home. With plenty of open-plan space, the owners have achieved a distinct look for each functional area. Casually standing mirrors also help to break the “boxed-in” effect, as well as a large skylight through which the elements of nature can be observed.

Entirely minimalist in the decor, the most striking feature here is the wrought-iron staircase that sneaks lazily up to the bedroom and bathroom. Interior greenery also makes a feature, a potted plants on ledges and on the floor.

This home is perfect for a no-mess, no-fuss way of living.

House-Tour-Rooftop-Loft-2 House-Tour-Rooftop-Loft-3 House-Tour-Rooftop-Loft-4 House-Tour-Rooftop-Loft-5 Via Plascon-diamond-stud12

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