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Tom Dixon: How to Transform Your Space For The Holidays

The holidays call for lavish experiences and entertainment. Bring a touch of class to your next soiree with Tom Dixon and transform your space for the perfect holiday vibe.

The Art of Entertaining

With the festive celebrations fast approaching, Tom Dixon Studio have a special selection of multi-sensory gift ideas just for you. These fulfil the art of entertaining and provide inspiration on how to elevate your dining table.

Choosing the right tabletop architecture is, therefore, an essential step to create the setting and the scene. Tom Dixon’s PUCK and TANK sculptural glassware and ECLECTIC and ELEMENTS aromatic fragrances are the tools for transforming your table this holiday season.

Tom says: “We strive to make functional objects that have a strong silhouette and a sculptural quality. By playing with heights, with colour, transparency and geometry, any table landscape can be transformed. The first part of entertaining, particularly with food, is feasting with your eyes first. If the layout and presentation are considered, then half the battle is won.”

The gift edit includes:


Using the basic forms of geometry, such as cylinders, cones and spheres, PUCK is a collection that’s resilient enough to survive in a professional cocktail environment. It is anchored with a satisfyingly thick base that’s reminiscent of game pucks. PUCK is thus available in a series of glassware including Water, Nosing, Champagne, Coupe, Balloon, Cocktail, Highball, and Shot Glasses as well as a Decanter and Ice Bucket.


TANK takes its sculptural cue from the functional shapes and volumes of scientific glassware. Minimal yet decorative. It is subsequently ideal for a multiplicity of purposes… drinking, pouring, storing and displaying food and drink. The range, therefore, forms bold building blocks of table-top architecture.


Recognising that first impressions and memories are connected to the sense of smell, Tom Dixon’s journey into the world of fragrance started with ECLECTIC. This collection is subsequently inspired by the brand’s origins as a true Londoner. The collection evokes historical memories of British life. It takes us into a world of travelling and trading across the globe and returning to the familiar gritty smells of modern cosmopolitan London. The collection therefore includes London, Royalty, Alchemy and Underground fragrances in candles and diffusers.


The second olfactory adventure is a celebration of the bare essentials. All four scents are created in a bid to demystify the obscure complexities of the most misunderstood of the senses – smell. Inspiration is found in a medieval alchemist and eastern philosopher’s quest to reduce all matter to four simple elements. A minimalist attitude has delivered four scents of extreme simplicity and individual character that reflect their elemental names of Fire, Air, Earth and Water.

Tom Dixon’s gifting range is available online at tomdixon.net.

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