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SELETTI Celebrates Love This Valentine’s Day 2020

This year SELETTI celebrates love once again by offering unexpected and fun gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that are perfect for amazing your partners in an original way. The Italian design brand offers objects that are irreverent, poetic and courageous, just like love itself.

In the context of BLOW – a project resulting from the collaboration between SELETTI and Studio Job – the Led Neon Sign Rose is a reinterpretation of that emblematic flower of passion, the rose, via the pop and nonconformist look of the creative duo.

Marcantonio confirms his poetic and fairytale vision with the new My Little Valentine lighting project, adding to romantic projects such as the Heart Lamp, the Mouse Lamp Love Edition and a golden edition of Love in Bloom Gold.

Finally, TOILETPAPER, the photographic magazine born from an idea of the artist Maurizio Cattelan and the photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari, rethinks the celebration for lovers with its bold and never predictable approach, designing for SELETTI a Love Edition kit with a cheeky and ironic mood.

LED NEON SIGN ROSE – design Studio Job

LED NEON SIGN ROSE – design: Studio Job
In a limited edition of only one hundred pieces, the Led Neon Sign Rose is the perfect gift for delicate but also nonconformist hearts to whom you can boldly give your love. The rose, the most traditional symbol for love, tenderly illuminates rooms and gives your evenings an intense and passionate atmosphere.

MY LITTLE VALENTINE – design Marcantonio

MY LITTLE VALENTINE – design: Marcantonio
My Little Valentine is a typical Valentine’s Day scene set in a display case. Two hearts in love and a bench, the perfect moment designed by Marcantonio, where you can do anything or absolutely nothing, but do it together.

HEART LAMP – design Marcantonio

HEART LAMP – design: Marcantonio
The Heart Lamp is a romantic wall lamp par excellence. Marcantonio amazes us once again with a project with an intense look but also with a poetic meaning. Heart Lamp is a perfect ceramic reproduction of a human heart from the inside of which an LED bulb diffuses a soft and delicate light. Focusing on the close relationship between aesthetics and function, Marcantonio has created a new lighting project in perfect SELETTI style: unexpected and unconventional.

MOUSE LAMP LOVE EDITION – design Marcantonio

MOUSE LAMP LOVE EDITION – design: Marcantonio
The well-loved Mouse Lamp lighting project, which is among SELETTI’s best sellers, turns into a sweet and romantic object that seems to come out of a fairytale: it is the Mouse Lamp Love Edition. The delightful resin mouse is tinged with a brand new pastel colour and, standing up straight on its legs, is just waiting to give its heart: a red bulb with a special shape, the symbol of the most sincere affection.

LOVE IN BLOOM GOLD – design Marcantonio

LOVE IN BLOOM GOLD – design: Marcantonio
Love in Bloom Gold, the iconic and hyper-realistic heart-shaped porcelain case designed by Marcantonio, is again confirmed this year again as a hymn to love, in a precious gold edition. Designed to contain another symbol of passion, flowers, it is an invitation to take care of your feelings, to make them grow, cultivating them just as one would the bud of a flower.

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