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Enchanting Glass Artistry: Helle Mardahl’s Candy-Inspired Universe

Step into the enchanting glass artistry of Helle Mardahl Studio – a place where art and functionality converge to craft a mesmerizing realm of vividly-hued glass designs that exude a touch of eccentricity.

Drawing inspiration from the fond memories of childhood and iconic cinematic wonders like Alice in Wonderland and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Mardahl’s collection of lustrous glass pieces weaves a conceptual tapestry of magic, dreams, and indulgence.

Imagine glass creations so tantalizingly sweet that they appear good enough to devour. Helle Mardahl effortlessly achieves this illusion, evident not just in her designs but in her choice of product names. These are  a delightful homage to the world of confectionery. From the delectable “Bonbonniere” to colour names like “Milky Rose,” “Blueberry Ice Cream,” and “Olive Punch,” each piece is a delectable treat for the eyes.

A Helle Mardahl cake stand, for instance, serves a dual purpose as both functional tableware and a radiant sculpture. It’s like an enchanting fusion of Alice in Wonderland and the grandeur of Versailles. Meanwhile, a Bonbonniere vessel evokes the whimsical essence of a child’s candy, radiating light and an unmistakable organic charm.

The Sensory Society

The latest exhibition from Helle Mardahl, “The Sensory Society,” draws inspiration from the pastel-hued masterpiece that is Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” Stepping into this space feels like stepping into the world of Saoirse Ronan’s baker, surrounded by Mardahl’s Candy Collection. Here, hand-blown pendant lamps in robin’s egg blue and Pepto pink illuminate the surroundings. Alongside these, you will find rows of bulbous baubles reminiscent of exquisite pastries.

Helle Mardahl’s story is an interesting one. It all began with a certain glass lamp that caught her eye, but she had a vision: a lamp with a more organic form, adorned with brighter, more enchanting colours. This is when the vision took flight. Imagining bright colours like pink or purple, Helle began to envision a different kind of lamp, in an organic shape in a bright and exciting colour. And the rest is history.

Today, Mardahl’s mission is to engage all your senses with her artful creations. She views glass as a sensory playground, one to be explored and one to enchant. So, if you’re eager for a deeper dive into the world of Helle Mardahl and her enchanting glass creations, visit https://hellemardahl.com

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