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Distinctive Spaces

No longer cheap, tacky and highly flammable, artificial plants and flowers have come a long way since their dust-covered counterparts of the 1940s. 

In fact, today artificial greenery and blooms are almost impossible to distinguish from the real thing and offer time and cash-strapped clients an easy, affordable and long-lasting way to prettify indoor and outdoor spaces.

What’s more, artificial plants and flowers can also help business blossom. 

It’s true, the psychological and emotional impact of greenery and flowers in the workplace have been studied for many years and have been found to have a positive impact on employees.

Distinctive Spaces, an interior design company that also supplies silk trees, silk plants, silk green walls and silk flowers, agrees saying that green spaces, whether faux or real “help businesses
boost employee productivity and customer loyalty”.

“By nature, we are all biophilic, which simply means that we want to connect with nature,” continues the company. “We bring the outdoors inside to help fulfil that need.”

Not only do green spaces create a soothing ambience for clients and employees but artificial green walls can also be used as partitions in offices or to create private areas. Not to mention that it is a great way to hide unsightly building essentials such as bins, electric circuit boards and more.

Requiring no care and very little maintenance, it is the ideal choice for commercial buildings such as office parks, hotels and shopping malls.

To help create a realistic green space, Distinctive Spaces offers design and installation services and a wide range of products, from silk trees to faux hanging gardens and green walls.

“Due to our passion for interior design, you are guaranteed the most creative plant design for your home or office,” the team says.


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