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Maldini: The Power of Stylish Porada Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? With a Porada mirror, now available from Maldini, your interior can certainly become the fairest home of all. With so many shapes and sizes available for purchase, you can create a custom look with designer appeal.

With the advent of so many incredible mirror shapes, styles and sizes, an old mirror looks much bigger than a faithful companion helping you get ready in the morning before going to work or for a walk. Mirrors have earned the status of an effective tool for interior design, used to achieve practical goals and many creative motifs.

What is unique about the collection of designer mirrors from Porada?

Regardless of whether you want to add an exquisite touch to the interior, expand the space or enhance the light, the answer is a carefully thought-out, well-positioned mirror.

Discover our favorite ways to style with reflective accessories made by the best glass craftsmen of the Porada brand.

Where to use mirrors

Mirrors are very versatile, so they can be used in any room. Most designers prefer to place them in the hallway, but in principle, any spaces devoid of natural light are ideal for placing mirrors:

  • fireplace;
  • dressing rooms;
  • between the Windows;
  • in the corridors;
  • on dark walls;
  • Bathrooms and toilets.

Here are a few ways you can use mirrors in your space to bring a real sense of refinement and sophistication to your residence.

Create a statement wall of mirrors

Mirrors make a great feature wall. Not one, but an entire collection of mirrors can add definition to a bland wall and elevate any room. Below, you will see how four sleek Four Seasons Porada mirrors create a remarkable impression against a statement wall with high ceilings. A beautiful way to add height and contrast in a large room.


Deck out your entrance table or foyer

What entrance is complete without a stylish mirror to finish off a contemporary look? Here, a single mirror adds a modern look above a wooden entrance table. Simple yet effective and a great way to bounce and reflect light across the room.

A must-have in the bedroom

Mirrors are more than aesthetics in a bedroom. We use them daily when we get up and get dressed. Full-legth mirrors are often a staple in this room as it gives us a fuller perspective to get ready each day. Modern freestanding mirrors are an ideal solution to add depth and functionality to the bedroom. Here two Rimmel Mirrors from Porada create a bold feature in a modern, minimalist bedroom.

Choose mirrors for your favorite room and do not limit yourself to the choice of standard shapes. Keep your eyes on the round, rectangular, square and other options in the same room.

If you decide to refresh your interior with reflective accessories, we recommend that you opt for the new range of Porada mirrors.

Shop your favourite mirrors from Porada now available from Maldini Contemporary Furniture.

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