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Beautiful Brick Birdbaths

If you’re lucky enough to have access to a garden during the lockdown, here are some brick birdbath inspirations for you to attempt at home. If you’re a nature lover, you will greatly appreciate these – they are simple and effective, and a wonderful way to invite birds into your backyard.

This brick birdbath simply requires six bricks – ideal if you have leftover brick from a previous DIY project that you’re wanting to get rid of. This mini birdbath would work well in a simplex or block of flats that has a balcony or verandah and is great if you’re wanting something that is easy to move and not a permanent fixture. Simply stack the bricks and put a shallow dish on top – just add water. If you can’t source leftover brick, visit your nearest Corobrik centre as soon as the lockdown lifts and choose from a wide selection of brick in various colours and textures from their clay face brick range.

This rich red face brick birdbath requires a lot more brick, depending on how high you want to make it. You can recreate this birdbath by using clay face bricks stacked on top of each other with a concrete paver balanced on top. It would be ideal to use leftover face brick from another DIY or building project, but you can purchase new face bricks from Corobrik in an array of different colours and finishes once lockdown is over.


Use one single colour of face brick such as Corobrik’s “Tokai Red” or mix and match bricks in a variety of hues if you want to be more creative. Finish your birdbath off using a square concrete paver. We recommend“Flagstone Natural Grey” from Corobrik’s concrete paver range.


Remember that a low bird bath will be fairly secure, but for extra stability and to create a more permanent feature, you can cement the face bricks together like this birdbath depicted above. A neutral colour face brick looks just as appealing as a traditional red brick one – it comes down to individual preference. To recreate this birdbath, we recommend using Corobrik’s “Sandstone” or “Silvergrey” from their versatile clay face brick range.


How would you utilise face brick to create a beautiful birdbath at home? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments section below.


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