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Rabinowitz Photography: The Next Generation of Wildlife Photography

With the unique ability to capture the spirit of Africa in a single frame, an insatiable thirst for adventure and an unrelenting determination to conserve our wild places, Adam Rabinowitz is the next generation of wildlife photographer. His work is a testament to the power of visual storytelling.

“My goal is to capture African wildlife in a way that transcends the traditional “game lodge” decor style,” explains Adam. “I am proud that my photographs have found their way into hundreds of homes around the world spanning more than 80 countries (and counting).”

An innovative approach

Traditionally, wildlife photography involves capturing images of wild animals in their natural habitats, emphasizing their natural behaviour. What makes Adam Rabinowitz Photography different is the photographer’s creative and innovative approach to the subject, artistically capturing the natural world.

“My photographs are often mistaken for paintings – and I think this is a great compliment. I strive to capture unique and extraordinary photographs that no one has seen before.”

Never Before Seen Moments

Furthermore, Adam’s style is something extraordinary, and painterly as he strives to capture never-before-seen moments. “My mission is to capture iconic images of African wildlife that inspire awe in and connect people to our wild places, so we can all work together to conserve and protect this great gift for future generations.”

Shipped to You

A beautiful and timeless keepsake, each piece stands on its own as a striking rendering of a moment captured. Yet, it is more than just iconic images of African wildlife that inspire awe. Still, each photograph is a reminder of the importance of conservation and our need to protect Africa’s raw beauty.

What’s more, is that all prints are limited editions and shipping is available worldwide on all unframed photographs shipped in a tube. This means you can take one of these beautiful images home, wherever you find yourself. Framed orders are shipped in a crate – shipping cost will be quoted per order.


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