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Jedanna’s Dezines: In Full Colour

With paint in hand and a heart brimming with passion, Jedanna’s Dezines is in the business of crafting narratives woven from threads of colour and form. Each artistic pour is a testament to the artist’s boundless creativity and unwavering dedication to the craft. Let’s take a look at the latest designs of 2024 and hear from the artist herself about the process of creating each piece.

Shoot for the moon

The artist aimed to achieve a moon after painting the entire canvas black. The contrast between the colours adds interest and drama to the piece. Colours used include magenta red (a very dark red), then a normal red, then a softer red, then orange, then apricot, gold and, unbelievably, a light pink.

“I flooded the canvas with Flowtrol from Australia, although we can now buy the same product much more cheaply from BASTION PAINTS. Bastion is very high on the wave to avoid making and wasting products. They are amazing.”


This was her first run with Flowtrol and Liquitex (also imported) pouring medium. With a touch of water, the artist spread this mixed-up amount to pour on the canvas, hoping it would dry see-through. All the colours were then added on top. However, practice makes perfect and the artist decided on a second attempt to achieve the end set.

She explains, “I realized my paints were not thick enough on the first set, and the canvases were settling in the bottom from the frontal. So I pulled out the sheets of paper I used to paint on and put some behind and under the wood going across the canvas. I thickened the paint and put in a Bastion paint thickener, which works like magic. One drop is all you need for 100 mg.”

The Flowtrol mix was then poured on the black as with the gold moon, and the end result was achieved. It even flowed across the canvas to make them meet.


Other exciting paint explorations…

Next up was a painting on a LAZY SUSAN which was spun with very little mess. The beautiful purple tones stand out and the end piece measures a perfect 50 cm x 50 cm board.


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