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8 Wall Art Ideas For Your Home

Don’t overlook your walls when decorating your home. Here we share 8 fun and colourful solutions to bring life and energy to every wall in your house.

1. Create A Gallery Wall

Whether you feature a collection of art, prints, photographs or wall decor, a grouped collection creates a statement in any room. We love gallery walls filled with harmonious frames in similar colours – this is an easy way to create a beautiful display in any space. Add a collection of your favourite prints above the couch in the living room, on an empty wall in a passageway or even in the bedroom. The end result will be a mesmerising work of art!

2. Use mirrors

Mirrors have undescribable power in interior design. Be sure to add at least one to your next project and watch it add new life to your walls and room. We particularly love the combination of various-shaped mirrors as a feature wall in a living or dining space. The reflective qualities will bring light and interest to your space.

3. Oversized art

Invest in quality art which you can pass down as an heirloom to the next generation. Art has a way of enhancing an ambience and making a home feel lived-in and vibrant. Visit a local art gallery or follow your favourite artists online to gain inspiration. Large prints or canvases can add colour, pattern and texture to your home.

4. Mount a Shelf

Floating shelves are versatile and great storage solutions in a modern living room. Here you can add your favourite decor, art, photographs and more. Create a textural delight along a wall and add a vase with fresh blooms along with colour-coordinated decor for a seamless look.

5. Laser-cut Decor

Laser-cut decor is a beautiful and contemporary option to spruce up your wall. Here you can choose from simple decor creations or have something custom-made to suit your personality. A family plaque or sign can add that personal touch and bring some life into your living room.

6. Wallpaper

Forget the outdated floral wallpaper prints of the 80s that conjure up memories of grandma’s house! Today, modern wallpaper comes in an amazing range of colours and styles to bring a contemporary twist to your space. From bold organic prints to oversized florals, greenery and even geometric designs! A beautiful print can enhance a design scheme or feature as artwork on a single wall.

7. Light it Up

Illumination can change the entire feel of a room. If you need added lighting in your home, consider installing wall sconces for added lighting or use fairy lights to create a magical space. Wall lighting can create an ambience and set the tone in any space. You can also use special task lighting to highlight art and decor in your room.

8. DIY

On a budget and not sure where to begin? Why not DIY and create your own masterpiece to feature in your home. Visit your local craft shop and invest in a canvas, paper and paints and set your creative spirit free. A simple canvas poured with acrylic paint and become a showstopper in your favourite space. Need ideas. Visit Pinterest and YouTube for art inspiration and DIY ideas that you can try yourself!

All artwork from cindy_preto


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