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An Exclusive Collaboration: Art by Gillie & Marc @ Kare Design

Their street art and sculptures in New York, Sydney and London have made the artist couple world famous. On behalf of Kare Design, Gillie and Marc have now created exclusive art for your home.

The Australian artist couple is among the world’s leading public artists. Their creations have a clear message: the peaceful co-existence of humans and animals.

Their works are at home around the globe and perhaps they will soon be part of your home, too. And at a very affordable price for a work of art.

Together with Gillie and Marc, Kare’s head of design and co-owner Jürgen Reiter has developed a great collection of decorative objects. At an art event, he and the artist couple discovered that they have a lot in common. Kare stands for cosmopolitanism and creativity, while the partly provocative art of Gillie and Marc makes an impact with its extraordinary design, representing a rebellious style that is far removed from the mainstream.

Furthermore, common ground is a passion for cool art objects, sculptures and pictures which not only combine humour and food for thought but also create a decorative art gallery in the home.

The range includes decor figures and quirky sculptural pieces that are right at home in Kare Design’s portfolio. From gangster rabbits to rainbow dogs, each piece is beautifully playful and interesting.

Shop the range at Kare Design and bring a beautiful masterpiece into your home.

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