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Plascon House Tour: A Tiny Monochromatic Studio

It is hard to believe that this multifunctional and stylish studio is only a measly 15 sqm in size! It comes alive in contemporary monochromatic tones with a stunning array of versatile furniture that works well to enhance the space!

Where do we even begin? With only 15 sqm to play with, the designers truly thought out of the box when it came to the nifty layout of this contemporary studio. A cozy sleeping area, along with a place to relax, cook and eat all come alive in this tiny space, without it feeling crammed in! The floors are a feast for the eyes, with a vibrant pattern that blends in perfectly with the chosen colours and furniture selection in this space. Grey walls are very much on trend, and look how stylish it presents itself with black drop-down window covers that add a dramatic flair in this interior. We also love the pantry cupboard in classic chalkboard paint, to give the space a personalised yet homely edge! The use of raw wood adds a Scandi vibe in this space, from the chosen furniture to the storage cabinets. In a tiny home like this one, storage is king. Instead of creating unnecessary clutter, the designers have carefully selected contemporary storage solutions for this studio. The use of crates and wooden boxes in the living area adds to the multi-functional use of this space, where the potential of the room is fully maximised to offer versatility, style and ample storage for modern living. There is even a nifty little music corner incorporated into the design, with an oversized beanbag seating solution placed adjacent to a classic record player. Contact: Plascon Trends Via  Photo: Andrea Papini

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