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Alessi Launches A Diverse, Playful & Sophisticated Collection

For Fall/Winter 2020, Alessi introduces a diverse collection of products and household items, designed for living (safely) together and dedicated to pet lovers. Alessi’s attention is focused on seeking product quality and sophisticated design, although inseparable from the playfulness that has always distinguished the brand.

Michele De Lucchi, Patricia Urquiola, Jim Hannon-Tan, Gabriele Chiave, Michel Boucquillon & Donia Maaoui, Miriam Mirri, Massimo Giacon and Marcello Jori, are the designers who collaborated with Alessi in the creation of the new collection.

PLISSE’ designed by Michele De Lucchi

The kettle designed by Michele De Lucchi is joined by a blender, a hand blender, a toaster and a citrus squeezer, making up the iconic Plissé appliances collection. Presented in red, white, black and grey, the articles comprising the Plissé collection are inspired by 50s and 60s, featuring plenty of pleats for dynamism and elegance.

The Plissé selection perfectly embodies the essence of Alessi, offering purposeful objects that display extremely sophisticated aesthetics that elevates them to real domestic sculptures: contemporary objects to exhibit in our own homes.

VENEER designed by Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola’s Veneer tableware collection it’s a tribute to excellence, contemporary and timeless
design. The rhythm of the decoration ripples over the volumes, creating a pleasant wave effect. The
movement of the texture reinterprets the grain of wood in a controlled manner, almost creating an optical illusion thanks to the fluid lines floating over the surface. Veneer thus constitutes a dreamy and
distinctive pattern. Its application is further testimony of the company’s expertise in metal

The Veneer collection includes bowls, trays, napkin holders and hermetic glass jars in various sizes.


Since its inception, the study and production of objects dedicated to cocktail preparation has been one of Alessi ‘s specializations.

During the past few decades, with the support of the most qualified consultants, Alessi has designed a complete cocktail collection, presented in five different kits for the Fall/Winter 2020. North Tide, Our Roots, The Player, Lunar Eclipse, Solar Eclipse, are the five new kits of cocktail accessories created with the collaboration of internationally renowned Mixologist Oscar Quagliarini.

For the first time, the Boston 5050 shaker is also presented in a 100% stainless steel version and with a ‘deluxe’ PVD copper coating that extends to some of the most essential Mixology accessories.

SWEETHEART designed by Jim Hannon-Tan

This nutcracker designed by Jim Hannon-Tan is inspired by a late-Victorian model and is a tribute to Australian wildlife, specifically to crocodiles.

Sweetheart is a sturdy and practical object made of cast aluminium, that opens all kinds of nuts. It joins the Objet-bijoux family in the Alessi catalogue offering a useful and functional product that is fun and decorative at the same time.

At nearly 6 metres in length, Sweetheart was the most famous Australian crocodile. Known for terrorising fishermen in their boats, he had a curious penchant for attacking outboard motor propellers. In 1979 he accidentally drowned by getting tangled in a net as he was reconnoitring. His stuffed remains are preserved in the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory in Darwing.

STAYSAFE designed by Gabriele Chiave

Gabriele Chiave design arises from the need of an object that becomes an extension to our hand, touching the surfaces around us for us. Staysafe is a practical and multi-purpose keychain that can be used to hold on to a handle on public transport, open doors and avoid touching surfaces with our hands.

With its soft and elegant shape, Staysafe simply offers a little help during a time in which health and wellbeing are more relevant than ever.

The special version with a silicone red band is proposed as a (RED) product (non-profit organization created in 2006 by Bono and Bobby Shriver to support the Global Fund in the fight against AIDS). Part of the proceeds from the sales of one of the two versions and of the designer’s fee, will be donated to the Global Fund’s COVID-19 Response.

PETS COLLECTION designed by Miriam Mirri and Michel Boucquillon

Miriam Mirri’s designs for the Fall/Winter 2020 are dedicated to pets and wish to add a little sweetness and a poetic touch to daily everyday actions.

The collection characterized by playful, joyous, yet elegant and fluid design, includes various objects: Acino’s organic shapes outline a dog waste bag dispenser designed as a small steel sculpture; Ciao, the retractable dog leash that can be unlatched when resting; Giampo & Lampo, a set of two pins featuring cat and dog-shaped magnets holding bags, paper sheets or notes with their paws.

Miriam Mirri has also expanded Lulà, Tigrito, Lupita, MiòJar and LulàJar selection of dog and cat bowls and food jar, introducing a new vibrant red-orange shade.

Michel Boucquillon also had our trusted four-legged friends in mind when he designed Wowl, an elegant and discreet bowl that appears to have been shaped by the erosion caused by natural forces and Tacaban, a dog or cat bed featuring sophisticated colourful steel design.


Massimo Giacon with Marcello Jori, and Michel Boucquillon & Donia Maaoui reimagined traditional Christmas decorations, challenging the imagery sedimented in tradition. The result are contemporary and at times irreverent objects for an extra-ordinary Christmas. Palle Quadrate are born from an idea of Massimo Giacon and Marcello Jori and they were inspired by the world of virtual games; the Happy Eternity Baby nativity, also designed by the duo, expands introducing a comet, a rock next to a happy shepherd, and a small flock of sheep.

Michel Boucquillon & Donia Maaoui present Bark for Christmas in a new colourway: a compact Christmas tree designed for small spaces. Its branches bend under the weight of snow, while a golden guiding star and colourful Christmas balls are equipped with a magnet to be positioned freely.

Discover the latest Collections online at Alessi.

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