La Grange Interiors: Black Living Room Ideas

Create an intimate and striking living space and decorate with black. It is bold and daring and sure to create a timeless and inspired design scheme in your home.

La Grange Interiors have a fabulous range of curated furniture now available, featuring bold black furniture to make a lasting impression in your living room. Here we share some key tips to decorating with black and how you can recreate the look at home.

Why black?

Black has a grounding effect in interior design. It gives the eye a place to rest and can help to anchor a design scheme. Dark shades such as black are also powerful and invigorating. It can give a large room a more intimate and dramatic tone. Black is also versatile and often works together with a host of other colours.

How to incorporate black into your home…

Bold black rugs underfoot

A simple black rug is both easy to maintain and a stylish feature in the living room. It will add texture and colour to your space and help to anchor your furniture.

A black sofa

A gorgeous black couch will become a statement piece of furniture in the living room. We love plush velvety fabrics that will add a textural aesthetic to your space. Invest in a gorgeous black sofa and allow it to take centre stage in your lounge.

Black occasional seating

Bring in added elements to cement your design scheme. Bold black seating can help to create a powerful effect in your living room. If you’re using solid black furniture, be sure to incorporate a mix of materials and sizes to ensure a balanced look.

Add black accents

Simple black accessories can help to tie the look together. We love textured accents such as baskets, vases and ceramics for a touch of sophistication.

Shop the look and incoporate a little black magic into your home with the latest from La Grange Interiors.


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