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CLM Home: That’s A Wrap (Almost)

As the year comes to a wrap, that reminds us… you still need blankets in November.

A baby needs a blanket throughout the year, every day, every season. The team from CLM Home keeps things like this in mind during the design process, of course. Their blankets are made from the purest, finest organic materials, making them lightweight, comfortable, breathable during the hot summer days!  Shop blankets, muslins, wraps and sheets, comfy and stylish enough for the nursery or a day out. Shop blankets, muslins, wraps and sheets, comfy and stylish enough for the nursery or a day out.

With its cute tufts and textured knit, this luxurious baby blanket is 100% cotton: soft, warm and so comfy. The blanket features a tufted pattern on a blush background and jaunty blush tassels on the corners. This original design blanket is made of soft 100% cotton knit.

This cute, trendy and lush feeling muslin wrap features a minimalistic blush pink and white messy dot pattern. Simply put, this is a great soother for babies made with 100% cotton! These lovely 100% cotton muslin wraps are locally made in South Africa. They are super soft and breathable, making it perfect for warm or cooler weather.

Warm up your baby’s bedroom with this trendy Botanical Baby Blanket. The blanket features a stunning peach leaf pattern on white with peach edging, with the colours inverted on the reverse, offering an alternate styling option. Microfibre is the best quality acrylic available. Remember, microfibre is STRONG! So it is durable and will last for many years to come. Microfibre blankets are also WARM! Warmer than any other acrylic blanket, this is a quality choice you know you can count on.


The natural Medical sheepskin blankets are specially tanned for medical care and exceptional comfort. The secret lies in the porous structure and elasticity of wool, the ability of wool to absorb and evaporate moisture, as well as the mesh of wool fibres that create air pockets that ensure excellent thermal isolation. For hundreds of years mothers have wrapped their babies in lambswool to keep them warm and dry. Today using lambskin as bedding is a modern application of this age-old wisdom. The lamb after all needs a coat to keep it warm in winter and cool in summer, that will resist wet and dirt, and be thick and luxurious without being too heavy. All of these wonderful properties that protect the lamb can give the same comfort to your baby.

Tests have shown that surfaces with which a baby comes in contact are very important for their physical, functional and behavioral development. Babies easily settle into the warmth and comfort of natural lambskins and stay content. They cry less and sleep more. A study in England has proven that preterm and low birth weight babies grew faster, rested less fretfully and lost less body heat when on a lambswool rug.

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