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Lansdowne Boards: Get Your Superhero Status With Systomatic Clic

DIY . . . these three little letters spread fear among us all, but what if we could take you from DIY-Dunce to DIY-Jedi-Knight guaranteed?

DIY is never usually pretty, especially when it comes to the list of tasks that you want to take on – like building bedroom or kitchen cupboards, updating your flooring, painting the ceiling! These three little letters strike fear with words like deadly, distressing, danger, divorce, intimidation, injury, yelling and yelping springing to mind. And, usually, when you do hear this word thrown around its always in relation to some small odd DIY trinkets around the house that will not cause harm or damage to anyone involved – herb gardens, gold leafing, scatter cushions, lamp shades and venetian blinds! But what if you want to tackle something bigger? Well fear not, we have the solution!!

At Lansdowne Boards you will find the complete solution to your DIY needs with a range of ready-to-assemble cupboards for your kitchen, bedroom and home office that will turn you into a DIY-Super-Hero!

You might be thinking “How are Lansdowne Boards going to make me into a DIY-Jedi?” Simple: Their range of Systomatic Clic Kitchen, Bedroom and Home Office Cabinets. What exactly sets Systomatic Clic apart from the rest?:

1. No More Tools

Systomatic Clic is a totally tool free construction process: no tools, glue or screws required! It couldn’t be simpler (you can leave the plasters in the bathroom cabinet for this exercise!).

2. Exceptional Strength and Quality

The Ovvo tool-less connector will outperform any of the materials used when joined together.

They only use A grade Bisonlam which has a high density core structure which ensures excellent hold for all fitting hardware with a melamine face which ensures maximum water resistance, durability and longevity of your carcasses.

All panels are edged with a waterproof 1mm edge which further improves the longevity of your units.

All hardware used is of the highest quality from the height adjustable legs able to hold granite worktops to the Hafele drawer runners and drawer boxes and we haven’t taken our suppliers word for it either, everything has gone through our own rigorous testing to ensure they only give customers the very best.

3. Extensive Range

Kitchens and bedrooms are not a one size fits all, so why should your options for carcasses and cupboards be? Lansdowne Boards have worked on their range for almost 20 years to ensure they have the best selection in a wide range of widths and heights to meet your needs. They have almost 100 different options for you to choose from.

4. It’s Easy

Not only is the assembly of the Systomatic Clic tool free but they have also labelled all of the components, included all of the fitting hardware, pre-drilled all of the holes, packaged all of the units and included detailed instructions to ensure your DIY-Hero status remains intact!

5. It’s Guaranteed for 5 Years & It’s Environmentally Friendly

The entire range of Systomatic Clic units come with a 5 year guarantee and are endorsed by the KSA.

All of the units are manufactured from PG Bison Bisonlam which is made using sustainable and responsibly farmed wood and its a more environmentally friendly alternative to solid timber. The white melamine paper used is also eco-friendly as well as being hygienic, easy to clean and moisture resistant.

How Do You Get Started?

All you need to do is get your room measurements and ceiling height and Lansdowne Boards will take care of the rest. At Lansdowne Boards DIY need not be scary, once they’re done with you DIY will stand for dashing, debonair, ingenious, innovative, yuper yero!

For more information about the range of Systomatic Units visit Lansdowne Boards.

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