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Bedrooms Dec 18, 2023

Ten tips to help you recharge these holidays

At Sealy we understand the importance of recharging – and doing so during the summer holidays is a fantastic opportunity to unwind, revitalise, and set the tone for the upcoming year.

Here’s our guide to making the most of this rejuvenating time:

Embrace the rhythms of sleep:

1. Prioritise sleep:

With holiday parties, family gatherings, shopping, and more, getting a good night sleep can sometimes be challenging during the holiday season. Recognise the importance of quality sleep in recharging your body and mind and prioritise sleep this year. It’s helpful to let the people in your life know about your commitment to sleep because they might even hold you accountable to it. Limit screen time before bed, create a relaxing pre-sleep routine, and ensure your sleep space is conducive to rest.

2. Create a sleep schedule:

If you don’t have a consistent bedtime and wake up time, start creating one now. Establish a consistent sleep routine that aligns with your body’s natural circadian rhythms. Set a bedtime and wake-up time that allows for seven to nine hours of quality sleep each night.

Transform your bedroom into a sleep oasis:

3. Create a serene sleep haven:

Make your bedroom a sanctuary dedicated to relaxation. Invest in comfortable bedding, control lighting with blackout curtains, and maintain a clutter-free environment to promote a tranquil atmosphere.

Sealy’s range of mattress protectors, sheets and pillows can help create that hotel bed feeling. Our newest pillow, the Sealy My Evercool Pillow, is ventilated with charcoal properties, designed to keep you cool while you sleep. Sealy pillows range from gel-infused memory foam to natural latex to microfibre filling. Click here to view our range.

4. Temperature and airflow:

In the South African summer heat, regulate your bedroom’s temperature for optimal sleep. Use fans, air conditioning, or breathable bedding to ensure a cool and comfortable sleep environment. You can also regulate the temperature of your room by closing your curtains or blinds when the sun is shining into your bedroom. Open them again at nighttime, to let the cooler night air in.

Sealy mattresses are manufactured using a cover fabric with cool-to-the-touch technology and Moisture Protect, which promotes climate control and creates a more comfortable sleeping environment. Sealy beds also use a wool filling, which has the natural ability regulate temperature, helping you stay dry and relaxed on a hot night. Find out more about how Sealy mattresses.

Recharge mind and body:

5. Engage in mindfulness and relaxation:

Practice meditation, yoga, or deep breathing exercises to reduce stress and promote a sense of calm. Even a few minutes of mindfulness each day can significantly impact your overall well-being.

6. Connect with nature:

Take advantage of the beautiful South African summer by spending time outdoors. Whether it’s a hike in the mountains, a day at the beach, or simply enjoying a sunset, nature can be incredibly rejuvenating. Being exposed to sunlight can help improve your mood, and your sleep. The sunlight helps to reset your body’s inner clock (circadian rhythm) so you can fall asleep easier when it’s time to go to bed at night.

 Unplug and reconnect:

7. Digital detox:

Holidays are a perfect time for a digital detox. Consider a break from technology during parts of your day. Disconnecting from screens allows you to be present, engage with loved ones, and to fully immerse yourself in the holiday experience.

8. Quality time with loved ones:

Use this holiday season to strengthen bonds with family and friends. Plan activities together, share meals, and create lasting memories that recharge your emotional batteries.

Have fun!

9. Enjoy your hobby or discover a new creative outlet

Dedicate time to activities you love. Whether it’s painting, gardening, cooking, or playing an instrument, immersing yourself in these hobbies can be incredibly fulfilling.

10. Practice gratitude:

Reflect on the year gone by and appreciate the positives. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude can bring about a sense of contentment and recharge your outlook on life.

The holidays are an ideal opportunity to rejuvenate and set intentions for the year ahead. By prioritising quality sleep, creating a serene sleep haven, embracing relaxation, and cherishing meaningful connections, you can recharge and step into the new year with a refreshed perspective and renewed energy.

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