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Bedrooms Jul 6, 2020

Shop Stylish Italian Porada Beds From Maldini

The bedroom can be stylish and elegant, even if you just sleep all night long. With this exciting selection of quality Porada beds, you can sleep like a baby and feel like a king or queen. Enjoy a comfortable environment that not only allows you to relax and unwind well but also get a real aesthetic pleasure. Porada projects are inspired by the quality of the Italian craftsman, using only high-quality materials.

ziggy bed baldacchino

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for something simple and practical or bold and elegant, you can find your dream bed that matches all your needs and your chosen style.

Porada Bed Collection — Royal Design and Incredible Comfort
Porada presents the best Italian designer luxury beds. The main furniture of the Porada bedroom is real works of art created by leading world designers and hand-made by experienced craftsmen. They offer designer beds in a modern, transitional and traditional style.

All luxury Porada furniture, in particular beds, set the tone for the entire international design community. This is the work of leading European and Italian designers who create cutting-edge designs and show bold but elegant lines. All of these soft beds are made of high quality, certified materials including:

  • hardwood;
  • heavy-duty metal alloys;
  • the best Italian leather and fabric.

Enya capitoné

For an example of this exciting style, look at the Enya Quadri bed, which has a wide headboard upholstered in exquisite glossy leather with built-in wooden nightstands. All the other luxurious products in this collection combine cutting-edge shapes with historical influences from baroque to modern.

Squared patterned bed head fixed to the wall upholstered in the fabrics of the collection and wooden frame

Shop stylish Italian furniture for your bedroom from Porada, now available locally through Maldini.

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