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Bedrooms Aug 6, 2021

Kare Design: Pick The Perfect Bedside Table For Your Bedroom

Make a statement in your bedroom with a bold bedside table. The right choice is one which blends style, storage and simplicity in one great piece! Kare Design’s range of bedside tables are dynamic and unique – each offers a bespoke look to suit a contemporary lifestyle.

At the very least, a bedside table should cover the basics, this includes:

  • Providing storage on either side of your bed
  • A place to position a functional light, book, or decor
  • Act as a stylish addition to your space and add to your overall design scheme

There are a number of options on the market today, but our top considerations include:

  • Material – choose a playful yet elegant material in glass, wood, stone or more for a dramatic addition to your master suite.
  • Size – measure your room to determine the ideal size that will not only complement your bed, but help to maximise your space.
  • Storage – drawers, cupboards or more? Consider your storage needs when purchasing your bedside tables.

Get creative

Choose bedside table that offer a stylistic element to your room. We love bold furniture choices that have a surprise element. A bold print, pattern, colour or more will instantly change the mood of your room.

At Kare Design you’ll find a complete range of household furniture and decor to style the perfect retreat at home. Be sure to check out our top choices when you’re out searching for the ideal bedside table. Shop the look at Kare Design.


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