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Bedrooms Jun 10, 2024

Father’s Day Gift Guide from The Mattress Warehouse

Father’s Day is less than two weeks away. The 16th of June is around the corner, and time is running out to get your dad an appreciation gift. But don’t worry, The Mattress Warehouse has you covered. After all, dads need to get in their beauty sleep too! Here are some great Father’s Day gift ideas.

  1. Sleep Tracker
    If your dad loves gadgets and tracking his health stats, a sleep tracker could be the perfect gift. Here’s why:– Sleep Monitoring: Tracks sleep patterns, including duration, awake times, deep sleep vs. light sleep, and overall sleep quality.
    – Identify Sleep Problems: Helps identify sleep issues like difficulty falling asleep or frequent waking.
    – Personalised Sleep Recommendations: Some advanced trackers offer tips to improve sleep hygiene based on the user’s sleep patterns.For a tech-savvy dad, the SleepDot Sleep Tracker is a great option. It even measures bedroom temperature and humidity, offering insights into potential sleep disruptors.
    the-mattress-warehouse-sleep-dotCurrent Price: R599.00
  2. Mattress Protectors
    Weekend breakfast in bed with mom and dad is the best. But with juggling the newborn, trying to keep the cats off the bed, and the orange juice, spills are bound to happen. Getting coffee or juice out of the duvet and sheets is one thing, but getting it out of the master bedroom’s mattress is a pain. So why not get dad a waterproof mattress protector for Father’s Day?Just be sure to get the correct size. You don’t want to get a double bed mattress protector when dad sleeps on a king-size bed.Current prices range from R399.00 (double XL) to R1,699.00 (super king).
  3. A Travel PillowIf your dad travels a lot for work, getting him a new travel pillow is a brilliant idea. Sitting in airports, aeroplanes, and long transits can be taxing. There are not a lot of things as frustrating as not being able to sleep on a long-haul flight, because your neck and head isn’t supported. But with the right travel pillow to support your dad’s head, sleep while travelling is not as elusive.Check out the Malouf Z Zoned Travel Neck Pillow. Made from breathable memory foam and infused with calming essential oils, it is the perfect travel companion for your dad.


    Current Price: R395.00

  4. Every Day PillowWhen your dad is at home, he also needs an amazing pillow to sleep on. People tend to forget that they should change their pillow every other year. So your dad may have back and/or neck pain because of a too old pillow. Why not get him a new one?Have a look at the Sealy My EverCool Pillow With a bamboo foam and charcoal core, it eliminates sweat odours and has great anti-bacterial properties, meaning your dad can sleep soundly without worrying about nighttime allergies.

    Current Price: R1,299.00

    Shop Father’s Day Gifts at The Mattress Warehouse
    These are just a few ideas to make your dad’s Father’s Day memorable. Visit a Mattress Warehouse near you or check out our online catalogue to get your dad a relaxing gift to show you love him.

Contact: The Mattress Warehouse.
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