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Spotlight: Creative Inspiration with Cindy Pretorius

When it comes to beautiful artistic creations and wallpaper, Cindy Pretorius is no stranger. Her designs are exquisite masterpieces of colour, life and nature. We had the opportunity to speak to Cindy about her work and inspiration. Here is what she had to say…

What is your training?

I’m entirely self taught. Before doing art I started out as a cook and ended up developing branded restaurants for a five star hotel group in the Middle East. Looking back, whatever I did always involved diverse creativity.

What inspires you and your creations?

The jaw dropping beauty of the natural world. Very much inspired by colour and how something visual can inspire emotions.

What is your favourite piece?

All my favourites are my favourites! Each piece is dear to me.

How has your travels influenced your work?

The more you travel, the more you as an individual grow, and the wider your perspective of self and the world around you. My travels have directly refined my taste and style.

Favourite place you visited and how did it inspire you?

There are many destinations that could take that prize, but Bali comes to mind. Went to a very remote part, surrounded by unspoilt nature, beaches and jungles. I explored the surroundings with a local elder, photo journeled all the natural finds and did a whole art collection inspired by Bali upon my return to SA.

What’s included in your latest commissions?

There’s a lot of projects running this year and I’m currently busy with a new Orchid BLUSH collection which will be part of the Designer Boys 2021 Art Catalogue.

Cindy’s work is also available as part of the Orms Artist Range of designs by local artists.

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