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Sonae Arauco: Spring Design Trends for 2021

When seasons shift, so do interior trends. This Spring we make way for new colours, textures and design styles to welcome a whole new season. 

Colour and the correct use of varying combinations and saturation is key to understanding contemporary interior design. As the years go by, how we utilise colour in modern design naturally ebbs and flows from neon textured and extravagant to calm and subtle depending on the cultural zeitgeist.

For 2021, this concept has been uniquely affected. The colours and trends that we are starting to see filter through are calm, still, and comforting. This is largely due to the past year and a half of lockdown, economic uncertainty, and raised anxiety levels. With so much uncertainty, the past six months, in particular, we have seen a desire to reconnect with each other, and as such, designers are expressing this desire for connectedness through softer tones and neutral palettes.

Innovus Decorative Products is uniquely positioned to not only match current trends, but offers various categories that are perfectly aligned with the elements of 2021’s colour palette.

Natural Colours

2021’s colour trends are not only warm and inviting, but lend from the beauty and tranquillity of natural colour tones. In the past year, society has spent an overwhelming amount of time looking at our screens, entrenched in zoom meetings, and virtual conferences. A desire to escape the inundation of technology has influenced a call to bring us back to a more natural state.

As such, we’re seeing a surge of natural browns, greys, blues, and mild yellows featured in the organic shape and patterns of wood. Innovus Decorative Products’ Woodgrain category features an array of décor suited not only for contemporary style but utilising classical styles, entrenching them as timeless designs. 

From the scintillating collage of colour and texture expressed by Sanctuary to the more monotone look and feel of Cascade’s linear design, these décors invite 2021’s colour palette straight into your home interior.

Monochrome Colours

Not exactly the new kid on the block, monochrome palettes are more so back in vogue rather than being an entirely new trend. This particular design trend became more prominent during 2020 but in 2021 remained favourable, with a few variations.

As opposed to 2020s shaded inferences of the same colourdesigners in 2021 are opting for singular and solid contrasts creating a simpler and more saturated pastiche. When browsing through Innovus Decorative Product’s Unicolour category, you will find a wide range of solid colour décors that not only match 2021s spring colour palette but more importantly, match the calm and collected direction that only a solid tone could provide.

Shadow Blue, Castle Grey, and Pure White in particular truly enhance the aesthetic of a muted and tranquil home interior of 2021.

Saturated yet paled contrasts 

One of the more outstanding colour trends of 2021 are saturated yet juicy colours matched up with much paler hues in the background. The intensity of this complementary combination truly highlights the properties of both colours.

Largely due to the understandable desire to seek out more positivity in the year preceding 2020, designers are choosing the quirky yet charming aesthetic of vivacious corals, magentas, pinks, and oranges for a more standout look and feel. Rather than imposing a brash and in your face look and feel, these colours in combination with their paler counterparts imbue your home with warmth and intriguing contrasts.

Worn and faded industrial colours

One of the more interesting colour trends of 2021 is the desire to see designs that offer not only a lived inexperience, but match the contemporary designs of city skylines and places people inhabit the most. Industrial chic and urban patterns utilising either dark, light, or neutral tones inspired a new direction in interior design.

When you consider urban style, the concept of minimalism springs into mind. Yet this is only the most popular interpretation, the urban and industrial style incorporates both vintage and traditional styles with a modern look and feel. These include textures and patterns from leather, wood, and metals that suggest they stand the test of time. 

This is where Innovus Decorative Product’s Fantasies category truly shines. From the porous textures of Natural Concrete to the sleek combinations of patterns showcased by Leatherwood, Urban Metal, and Metro.

Pantone colour of the year expressions

Every year, the Pantone Institute chooses a specific colour that represents the look and feel of the times. 2021’s pantone, or pantones, of the year are Illuminating Yellow (Pantone 13-0647) and Ultimate Grey (Pantone 17-5104). This colour duo incorporates the palette of industrial concrete greys. It also embraces the warm soft glow of sunset yellow. This subsequently matches the overall combination of styles we’re seeing this year.

Read more about the Pantone Colour of the Year [Here]

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