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Silk by Design: An Architect’s Guide to Vertical Gardens

Today we present an architect’s guide to designing a space with vertical gardens, with some of our favourite choices now available from Silk by Design. See how you can add natural style to any dull and boring wall with these simple tips…



Silk by Design offer several standard designs, from a plain Boxwood, to different planted greenery options, to gardens planted with orchids and flowers.

Any of the available styles can be customised, depending on the requirements of the space, as well as what plants are available and in stock at any given time. All of these vertical garden options are priced per m², as this is the standard panel size, but once an order is confirmed the vertical garden will be custom built to fit any space. In fact, Silk by Design have built vertical gardens as small as 20cm wide by 2m tall, right up to gardens that are 4m wide & 9m tall.


While there isn’t a single right answer when it comes to choosing the style that’s right for your space, there are a few things to consider.

Firstly, Silk by Design’s Artificial Vertical Gardens are designed primarily for indoor use. While some limited outdoor use is possible, such as on covered patios, they do not recommend the product for areas exposed to the weather or excessive direct sunlight.

The other thing to consider is the size of the space you’ll be working in. Do you want to cover a whole wall from floor to ceiling? Artificial vertical gardens look great covering a large wall that runs the entire width of a building. Or if you don’t want to cover the whole wall, you can also use customized shelves and racks to create unique shapes.

You have many choices when it comes to designing your artificial vertical garden, you can choose from neat designer box with silk plants, floating shelves with repetitive plants or full mixed plants.

It’s important to choose the plants and style structures that will help create the atmosphere you want.


You may be wondering whether it will be easy to install your Vertical Garden, before going ahead and purchasing. Well, the simple answer is yes, installation is straight forward and doesn’t require any specialised tools or equipment.

For larger commercial projects, most shopfitters will be more than capable of installing the Vertical Gardens. And for smaller projects, a handyman or DIY enthusiast should do the trick.

In simple terms, installation involves fixing the already planted Vertical Garden panels to a wall or structure. While specifics will differ depending on whether you are attaching to a brick wall, drywalling or timber, or a custom-built frame, generally all that is required is drill, electric screwdriver, and some screws.

Because the panels are all pre-planted and pre-cut. All that is required is following the layout provided and making sure the panels are securely fixed in place.


Silk by Design is more than happy to quote and advise on the best options for your, or your client’s space. We would suggest that you provide the team with the proposed dimensions as well as a drawing or picture of the space where possible, to allow them to give you the best possible advice.

You should also check out some of their existing designs online, as well as some of the other available plants and greenery that can be used in the garden, which will give you an idea of the design options possible.

If you need any more info, visit Silk by Design.

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