Midas Paints: The Toxic Truth

Today we’re talking paints with the professionals from Midas Paints Tygervalley, who have taken an holistic approach to environmental sustainability.

So, here’s the toxic truth…

Not only does Midas produce 0 VOC paint and 0 VOC pigment strainers but they also manufacturer and sell the unique envirowash machine. These are amazing and unique Envirowash Machines!

Why are the machines called Envirowash and what exactly do they do?

It’s called Envirowash because it is a responsible way of washing paint brushes and rollers instead of washing the waste down the drain. The disposal system ensures that paint waste and residues from application systems are managed and disposed of in a safe, responsible manner at a registered disposal agency.

There are two Envirowash machines, a domestic machine and an industrial machine. Som what are the differences between them?

The machines work on the same principle; the one is more manageable for domestic use and the larger unit for large buildings and industrial sites.

Who came up with the idea and was there a need for them?

The Midas Paints Chemist came up with the idea and had the units designed and manufactured by an engineer. The need is increasing as people become more aware of the potential impact on the environment. The products supplied by Midas are already formulated to reduce the effect that coatings have on internal and external air quality, but Midas wanted to take this a step further.

What are the advantages of this Envirowash system?

Simply put, when cleaning brushes, rollers and trays, paint waste is not washed down the drain / toilet or thrown onto the grass. Instead, it is collected in the weir of the disposal unit. The water is then filtered and cleaned to ensure the water is safe to use. The filter bag holds the waste and this is disposed of at a general land fill site. The system prevents contamination of the storm water system and groundwater system.

Envirowash from Midas Paints Tygervalley

Are these Envirowash machines for sale to the public or for whom are they intended?

Generally the machines are rented out at R100.00 per day and Midas will arrange for the disposal of the sludge in the filter bag. The machines are for sale mainly to responsible housing estates and large contractors that require the system for regular use.

Now you too can do your part and help protect the environment.

Find out more at Midas Paints.



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