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Federale Stene: One Brick at a Time

With the motto “Building a sustainable future. One brick at a time” it is no surprise that Federale Stene is serious about eco-friendly and sustainable processes and products.

Specialising in clay bricks, Federale Stene has been in operation since 1958. A leader in the clay brick industry in South Africa, Federale Stene manufactures a wide range of genuine clay bricks including plaster, semi face, face and maxi bricks in various colours and textures, from light cream to dark blue. 

All the bricks are SABS quality approved and adhere to the highest ISO standards. In addition, and in line with their vision of sustainability, the clay bricks are made from natural raw materials using energy-efficient production processes. All of this results in the bricks having a low carbon footprint.

An environmentally friendly construction material, the clay bricks are not only manufactured sustainably but also contribute to a building’s sustainability. As Federale Stene explains: “Sustainably designed buildings are energy efficient, resource-efficient and serve the long-term economic, social and environmental needs of communities. Clay brick masonry demonstrates all these qualities during construction, throughout its long operational life”.

Not only are these bricks made from a highly durable natural material that offers an exceptional lifespan but the clay from which it is made is also naturally insulating. “Clay bricks are thermal batteries, using energy from the sun to provide natural thermal efficiency, reducing the need for electricity-guzzling air-conditioners, heaters and humidifiers,” explains the company.

That means that when you choose to build with Federale Stene’s clay bricks, not only are you choosing an eco-friendly option that will last for decades but you are also choosing an energy-efficient material that is lighter on Mother Nature and your pocket.


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