Corobrik: Gorgeous Designs With Grey Brick

There’s no denying that grey is the shade of the decade. This cool and calm colour has been trending for quite some time, and it’s one of the few hues bound to remain fashionable for many years to come. It blends with just about any other colour, which is why it is the perfect choice for brick in your home – whether it be a feature wall or an entire building – grey is gorgeous!


Grey brick makes for a tasteful and elegant façade on the outside of a house. This picturesque building uses grey brick, white trimmings and a black roof and door to create a slightly modern take on the classic American iconic home. The architect has used various shades of grey and many different brick finishes (smooth versus rustic) to create interesting textures.


This darker shade retains the heat more as opposed to the colour white, which reflects sunlight and keeps a building cool. Grey in any shade is a great choice for homes situated in areas where temperatures are a little colder.

To recreate this look we recommend using face brick in the colours “Titanium” (in a satin finish) and Cape Storm (in a rustic finish) from Corobrik.


This cheerful home uses a similar palette – light grey brick, white window frames and black shutters, but utilizes a modern building technique which involves pulling the odd brick block out of alignment with the others to create an interesting 3D effect. You could take this technique even further by using different textures or colours for the misaligned bricks. Explore Corobrik’s full range of face brick textures and colours here.



If you’re on a tight budget or you’re not in the market to design an entire building from scratch but would like to incorporate grey brick in your home – choose a room you want to renovate and create a simple feature wall using your favourite shade of grey brick. A colour like “The Black Brick” creates a dark and moody effect. Combine this look with minimalistic furniture and décor to create a modern and industrial style feel to your room.

What is your favourite shade of grey? Corobrik has a wide variety of face brick in numerous different colours and textures. Tell us which brick you would choose to renovate your home with in the comments section below. We can’t wait to hear from you.





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