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Dec 1, 2019

Bring Oriental Style into Your Living Room

There’s something about oriental interiors that make them look so calm and peaceful. Their soothing colour palette, simple design, and uncluttered appearance are just some of the features that make them particularly popular among contemporary homeowners.

Nowadays, many of them are using various techniques to infuse their homes with a bit of oriental flavor. In this article, we’re listing a couple of those techniques.

A simplified and relaxed approach to design

Asian style relies on the use of open floor plans as a way of increasing energy flow. Oriental interiors are decorated with simplicity in mind and each item that is introduced needs to serve a purpose. A perfect way to begin introducing oriental style into your living room would be to declutter. Donate, sell, or gift anything you’re not using anymore, and be objective about your furnishings as well. Have in mind that harmony can only be achieved if there’s enough negative white space and the objects form a cohesive whole.

Serene, neutral colours mixed with vibrant, bold hues

Creating interesting contrasts with clever use of colour palette is another feature of oriental interiors. Neutral, more subtle shades are used as sophisticated, calming backdrops, usually hues such as tan, beige, white, or grey. Monochromatic interiors are then spruced up with pops of colour, usually bolder shades such as red or black. Starr by choosing furnishings in neutral hues, and do the same for walls and flooring. Then, incorporate at least one element in a bolder hue that will stand out – it could be a black dresser or a red vase or lamp. Finally, rely on metallic shades like silver and gold to add the perfect finishing touches to your oriental-inspired interior.

Oriental decor elements as the perfect Asian-inspired accents

Incorporating Asian-inspired decor into your living room design is probably one of the easiest ways to infuse your space with oriental touches. It’s a great first step to take when you transition into this style, and also a perfect way to check whether the style works for you. Decorate your room with chinoiserie throw pillows, floor pillows, and wallpapers with traditional themes. Add shoji screens to visually divide the room and add an exotic touch to your interior. Finally, rely on statues, figurines, fans, and artwork with traditional motifs to add small yet effective Asian-inspired accents and enrich your space a bit more.

Oriental rugs as the perfect base for Asian-inspired living room

Traditional rugs never go out of style, and decorating with one is quite easy. Versatile and chic, oriental rugs come in a variety of colour palettes, styles, shapes, and designs, and they can easily bring out the other colours in the interior and make them pop even more. Perfect option would be rugs from Miss Amara – with a variety of lavish and colourful designs to choose from, you’re sure to find a rug that is just to your liking. Just be sure to keep the rest of your decor elements within a neutral colour palette, and don’t shy away from adding another element with a pattern either.

Simple yet multifunctional furniture pieces

Oriental interiors always include a couple of elements that serve multiple purposes. It’s a great way to cut back on excessive furnishing and ensure a clutter-free, simplified living space. A Shoji screen doesn’t only divide the room – it also acts as an effective decor piece while simultaneously providing privacy. Similarly, a futon doesn’t only serve to accommodate guests when entertaining, but it can also function as a bed to sleep in, while a smaller chest can serve as a nightstand, a small table, or a place for storing smaller items. Other than saving valuable space, pieces like these will also save you a lot of money in the long run.

Smooth, shiny surfaces and natural materials

Asian style furniture is often made of materials that provide shiny, smooth surfaces. Wood and bamboo are some of the most prominent materials used in oriental interiors, as well as other natural materials such as jute, straw, paper, or silk. The most popular way of incorporating wood and bamboo into a living room design is through the flooring, furniture, and cabinetry, but also some decor pieces such as frames for photos and mirrors. You can also add paper screens and fans, or silk, straw, or jute upholstery. Just be sure to keep the materials and textures in harmony to create a perfectly balanced Orient-inspired interior.

Oriental plants and greenery as finishing touches

Enriching your living room with greenery is the perfect way to wrap things up and put some finishing touches. You want to look for potted plants that are native to Asia to create an exotic-looking interior and complete your living room design. Lucky bamboo is one of the houseplants that are popular among homeowners who practice feng shui, and many are drawn to this plant in particular because it’s said to bring good luck (hence the name). Other oriental plants you can enrich your interiors with are succulents, bonsai trees, and of course, charming and aesthetically-pleasing orchids.


Subtle, elegant, and peaceful – these three words perfectly capture the essence of oriental style. If you, like many other contemporary homeowners, are drawn to this design style, be sure to use some of the tips suggested above. They’ll help you design a serene and tranquil environment at home and strike a balance between traditional and modern.


Author bio: Lana Hawkins is a stay-at-home mom, writer, and interior design enthusiast. She loves writing about interiors, but her speciality is landscape design. She enjoys playing in the kitchen and cooking for her friends and family, spending time in nature and learning about other cultures by travelling.



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