Black Metal And Face Brick: A Match Made In Heaven

Black Metal And Face Brick: A Match Made In Heaven

Image courtesy of Home World Design


Just when we think we’ve seen all that face brick has to offer; a fascinating new side of this magical building material is revealed to us. After witnessing the beauty of exposed brick feature walls, the striking appearance of face brick facades, the moodiness of black brick and the creative possibilities that can be achieved with different brick bond patterns, we couldn’t imagine what else face brick trends had in store for us.

But we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the fresh new take on face brick that has been popping up everywhere we look – that is, the trend of mixing black metal and face brick. This unlikely pairing of a sleek and contemporary building material such as black metal and a timeless and age-old material such as brick has brought forth a wave of design inspiration and has made us re-look at the way we work with brick in interior and exterior designs.

To paint a clearer picture of this hot new trend, we teamed up with leading masonry manufacturers, Corobrik, and asked them for a few of their favourite examples of black metal and face brick. This is what they had to share…

Corrugated Top Hat

Image courtesy of Lockyer Architects

A touch of visual drama has been skillfully added to this exterior with the contrast of cheery red and yellow shades of face brick and a deliciously dark metal ‘cap’.

Get The Look: Corobrik’s Buff Satin has a bright and sunny undertone, similar to that of the face brick pictured here.

Extruded Metal Window Frame

Image courtesy of Michelle Koh Morollo

The fiery red face brick, seen in this residential façade, immediately draws in your attention and leads your eye to the playful, Tetris-like window section, which is framed with extruded lengths of black metal.

Get The Look: Corobrik’s Jozini Travertine face brick would be the best brick to echo the vibrancy of this red exterior wall.

A Black Metal And Face Brick Masterpiece

Image courtesy of Tonic Design

Staying right on trend, this contemporary interior dares to be wonderfully different and unique. We love how the warm, friendly orange face brick brings balance to the dark and edgy accents such as the metal window frame and staircase.

Get The Look: Corobrik’s Tambotie Satin face brick is a great match with its warm orange hues.

Want more face brick magic? Visit Corobrik’s Facebook page for a daily dose of inspiring masonry.



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