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Annie Sloan: Time For A Tile Transformation

If you’re dreaming of a high-end kitchen on a basic budget, a brush dipped in Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan is your magic wand. From a plaster-effect wall to a patterned splashback, it only takes a weekend to transform small spaces from shiny and white to velvet textured and deliciously coloured.

“Rectangular subway tiles can be bought anywhere, for next to nothing. Turn them on their side, paint each half in a complimentary shade and you’ve got a gorgeously matt checkerboard tile that looks like you paid ten times the price. Pick a palette of four shades – two per tile – for a seriously chic look,” says Annie. “Without the need to sand or prep, Chalk Paint™ can elevate the most basic of materials – including any unloved MDF,” continues Annie.


Just remember, patience is a tile painter’s best friend. For a polished look, use thin coats and leave plenty of drying time. If you’re a fan of the rustic aesthetic, leave a little more paint on the brush. Layer up the texture with a plaster effect wall by applying Chalk Paint™ onto a base of Wall Paint using thick strips of cardboard. Drag, wipe and scrape the paint along the wall, building up layers of colour and tone, until blended to your liking. Once dry, finish tiles with a thin layer of Clear Chalk Paint™ Lacquer and walls with Chalk Paint™ Wax or Lacquer to seal and protect.


It really is that simple to update a bland kitchen!

Discover more tips and tricks online at Annie Sloan.

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