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Annie Sloan: Learn How to Ombre in Less than Half an Hour

We love learning new paint DIY techniques. Annie Sloan makes it really easy with this fun ombre video to inspire your own creations. The video is half an hour long but the ombre takes mere minutes using Annie’s strong brush no-water approach. You’ll be shocked at how easy it is. 

To whet your appetites here’s an ombre we love from the blending queen herself, Ildiko Horvath. Ildiko used Chalk Paint® in Scandinavian Pink and Old White, mixed together to create a softer coral pink than Scandinavian Pink direct from the can. She also prefers to fade downwards, whereas one of Annie’s golden rules for easy blending is to use your darkest Chalk Paint® shade at the bottom of the piece and graduate upwards. It just goes to show, what works for you might not work for everybody. Chalk Paint® is best applied however you best see fit in whichever colour you fancy! Just so long as you’re painting, you’re doing the right thing.

Learn to Ombre

Now you’ve seen why knowing how to ombre can be a useful skill, here’s the how! Join Annie and the Chalk Paint® elves from backstage at her workshop studio in Oxford. This is where the Chalk Paint® magic happens! Behind this room is the factory where Chalk Paint® is made, and this room is where she does most of her painting and Stockist training. You can see the statement wall Annie’s son Felix painted for the soon-to-be-released Issue 6 of The Colourist as well as cover-star furniture from throughout her career! A must-watch for Chalk Paint® devotees who love behind the scenes tours as much as newbies looking for some confidence-boosting tips and tricks

The piece of furniture Annie is painting using Chalk Paint® in Capri Pink and Barcelona Orange is one of 6 pieces included in the How To section from this latest edition of The Bookazine


Finalemente, an extremely striking gothic piece by lovebirds and co-creatives Monika and Tom of 84 Square. Annie spoke to them about their unmistakable signature style, their vintage taxidermy peacocks, and virtually everything else in between. Their home is an opulent Aladdin’s Cave of Catholic iconography, spell-binding objet d’art and creative harmony. It’s always so interesting to observe the dynamic between people who live, love and create together – I’ll leave it for you to decide who wears the trousers in this relationship!

For more Chalk Paint inspiration and products, visit Annie Sloan.

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