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A Daily Dose of Annie Sloan Inspiration

Here are some Chalk Paint® projects to inspire you to pick up a brush yourself, at some point in 2021. Like a daily dose of fresh air, gentle exercise, and healthy eating – a bit of creative expression can be a great way to support your mental health.


This incredible dresser is by German furniture painter and newly recruited Stockist Thomas Klotz. It was also Annie Sloan’s most liked piece of furniture in 2020.  If you are inspired by this piece and would like to recreate it at home, you’ll need:

  • a litre tin of Oxford Navy
  • a tin of Clear Chalk Paint® Wax (I’d get a large one to be on the safe side!)
  • a small tin of Dark Chalk Paint® Wax for shading
  • some Image Medium for the decoupage interior
  • some beautiful wallpaper/wrapping paper/napkins.

Do your decoupage on the inside of the cabinet first as that will be the hardest bit! Then paint your whole piece Oxford Navy and allow to dry. Add Dark Chalk Paint® Wax to carving. Annie recommends wrapping your finger in a lint-free cotton cloth and really working the product into nooks and crannies. Allow drying then protect with Clear Chalk Paint® Wax. If you’ve applied too much Dark Wax you can also use the Clear Wax to remove excess. Even if you don’t get 10,000 likes for your work, we know you will get a huge amount of creative fulfilment and have a lovely new statement piece for your home!

Another example of a decoupaged piece!

Could this much-maligned furniture-art-form be making a comeback in 2021?! I hope so because it’s such a flipping easy way to make your furniture stand out.

Tami of Paint Me Twice used napkins for this project: be warned, because of their floaty nature, napkins can be harder to decoupage with. Beginners might be better off using wallpaper or wrapping paper. If you’re determined to use napkins, cut them to one-ply if possible, make sure your hands are dry when you apply and be conservative with the amount of Image Medium you use to avoid tearing.

The rest of the piece has been painted using Chalk Paint® in English Yellow on the exterior, Old White for the carved details, with Provence on the shelves to maximise the sunny Vitamin C punch of the yellow. If you’re struggling with the January blues we recommend painting literally anything in this colour; a pot plant, a photo frame, anything. It’ll bring you some much-needed cheer.

Find more inspiration online at Annie Sloan.

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