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Oct 25, 2019

2020 Colour Trends By Essential Home

It’s that time of year when colors dominate the world, from fashion to interiors and design. But while we wait we can predict, so we look to the professionals to forecast the hottest colours of the season and what we can expect in 2020.

The team from Essential Home is putting all in on the pastels. The world is on a new phase from gender equality, to more awareness on the planet and emotions. Pastel represents that these gender-neutral colours bring more peace, freshness, and youthful vibes.

Cantaloupe by Essential Home


Cantaloupe can bring us encouragement and motivation. It’s a more active colour that inspires us to be more active, increasing the sense of composition and the courage to assume risks.

Natural hues amaze and delight, providing fabulous inspirations for modern interior design colour schemes.

Cantaloupe is a great colour for the kitchen. For a more retro vibe, pair a brighter peach with another pastel like mint green. This relaxed, cosy and comfy colour combination also works well in nurseries and is a great alternative to baby pink. It’s more sophisticated than typical pinks and works well for kids of all ages.

Cassis Essential Home


A deep fusion of pink and purple, Cassis is a bold colour. Cassis also represents taste, colour and wealth. It is a colour of nobility and style.

Cassis, which symbolizes romance and youth, is gentle and contains rich emotions at the same time. Continuing the gentleness and femininity of Millennial Pink, it is estimated that this tone will set off a boom in Europe, the United States and the Asia-Pacific region.

Go for bold furniture in this striking hue and set the stage for a statement living room.

Mellow Yollow

Mellow Yellow:

Retro and alive in colour, Mellow Yellow is another trending tone for the 2020 seasons ahead. An energetic and inviting colour, Mellow Yellow is also a strong tone because it is light and the eye notices it quickly. It stimulates creativity and is associated with sunset and sunrise.

A beautifully refreshing colour to add to your summer interiors!

Neo Mint Essential Home

Neo Mint:

Neo Mint is a gender-neutral colour with an oxygenating, fresh tone that aligns science and technology with nature.

Neo Mint for us is the top colour for 2020 as this colour represents a fresh tone of green that has a cool futuristic feel thought to be fit for the new decade ahead. In addition to this, neo mint brings some nostalgia from “the past”, while at the same time taking into consideration the “present” and forward-thinking to the future too. Now, more than ever, we recognize the importance of the environment and the preservation for future generations and neo mint represents this and more!

Create a feature wall in this cooling shade and allow your interiors to set the trend in 2020!


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