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Mar 31, 2020

Tubs and Basins by Axor

The AXOR ranges of bathroom and kitchen ware are well known for their unique designs, interesting angles and out-of-the-box styles. AXOR has partnered up with a variety of famous design studios – Phoenix Design, Front, Nendo , Phillipe Starck, Antonio Citterio – to develop their incredible fittings for the shower, tub, basin and kitchen mixer.

The AXOR wash basin and bath tubs are the perfect finishing touch for any bathroom, styled as ‘excerpts of the modern world’ and working as stand-alone attractions for the home. Two of the design partners feature in the AXOR tub and basin offerings, Jean-Marie Massaud and Patricia Urquiola.


The AXOR Massaud wash basin derives from the natural world, evincing a sensuous design that focuses on water as a source of well-being, and is dispossessed of technology. It is the ultimate embodiment of the ‘natural’, superbly manufactured from modern mineral casting. The AXOR Massaud wash basin is resilient, robust and durable.

The AXOR Massaud bath tub is also inspired by nature, with an organic design that embodies the feeling of a mountain lake; calm waters and smooth skies. This free-standing bathtub is an oasis in the bathroom.


The AXOR Urquiola wash basin is a reinterpretation of the traditional archetype basin, and is the designer’s tribute to a classic. In a stroke of genius, Urquiola has repurposed the classic handles into towel racks, skilfully weaving a mixture of old and new styles. This basin has won a number of international awards for its creative flair.

The AXOR Urquiola bath tub is another testament to classic styles, a nostalgic statement in any bathroom. As a free-standing tub, it is enhanced by minimalist decor, alone in its luxury. It is also endowed with a lateral slit as a towel rack, pairing well with wash basin.

Simplicity & Perfection

Both of these wash basin and bath tub pairings are evidence of AXOR’s ingenuity, innovation and commitment to products which break the mould. Time and again.

Form follows Perfection. AXOR.

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