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Ferreiras: Transform Your Bathroom Into A Spa

Transform your bathroom into a dreamy oasis with influence from the past. 

We can learn a lot from civilisations past and how they created spaces for pampering that have informed the modern spa today. From ancient Roman baths to the Turkish hamman, each of these wellness locations has left a mark. Let’s take a look at how these can help shape your spa style retreat today…

Influence of the Roman Bath

The Romans aimed for lavish luxury with quality finishes that set the ambience. Here, marble creates a luxe look with rich veining that adds depth to the bathroom environment. Marble-effect solutions from Marazzi are available from Ferrieras who presents a ceramic collection with both matt and glossy tiles in large format to achieve the desired effect.

If the room is large enough, you can fit your spa-type bathroom with shelves and little tables, to ensure everything is always within reach. You could even add a couple of stools, a small bench or – for the lucky ones – a chaise-longue.

Middle Eastern Infusion

The Turkish bath ritual is one that continues today. The public hammam or Turkish steam bath is still a major part of Turkish culture, a spa of sorts for both cleansing and relaxing. Inspired by this trend, we are seeing floors and walls covered completely with marble, for an elegant, sumptuous look.

The large marble-look porcelain stoneware slabs in the Grande Marble Look collection from Marrazi are the ideal choice here. This collection reproduces no fewer than 17 varieties of marbles and stones with elegant accuracy. They not only provide the floor and wall coverings for a spa-effect bathroom but can also be shaped to create tailor-made furnishings, such as a countertop with inset washbasin, a cabinet or the bathtub.

Ferreiras has been crafting beautiful spaces in excess of 35 years. So, whether you need a functional bathroom with timeless appeal or a special spa-like area to retreat to, you can achieve a high-end bathroom with everything you need from Ferreiras.

Check out the latest from top brands like Marrazi, now available locally from Ferreiras.

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