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Apr 26, 2021

Duravit: Cold Outside, Cozy Inside

Cold outside, Cozy inside!
Timeout in the bathtub at home

Short days, long nights – in winter we long for light and warmth. We seek retreats where we feel at home, where we can warm up and relax. Spaces that lend themselves for a sensual break from the cold and wet during long evenings. Or we might want to indulge in a little “hibernation” to recharge our batteries. Such as in a cozy chalet in the far north. Or in private at home in our very own bathroom.

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Enjoy a Good Soak

In winter, light and warmth are essential for the body and significantly contribute to our well-being. Such as an intense herbal tea that makes us feel warm from the inside, or soft blankets or a hot bath. The bright side of the cold season can be enjoyed in the Cape Cod bathtub from Duravit. For relaxation is front and centre in the creations of designer Philippe Starck. This can be seen in the gently curved space for the head as well as in the choice of material. The bathtub is made of DuraSolid, a new material that features a warm feel and a high-quality mat finish. In the small version 1650x780mm it fits into small bathroom. The larger variants offer the optional whirl system.

Happy D.2 Plus

The Happy D.2 Plus bathtub provides extra space for a soothing bath because of its generous interior volume. The bathtubs made from glossy acrylic are optionally available in Graphite Super Matt with seamless paneling. The generously proportioned, ergonomic interior of all bathtub models and the optional whirl system offer pure relaxation and relaxing comfort. Combine it with candlelight and you have an evocative atmosphere in the bathroom.

The Blue Moon Bathtub

The Blue Moon bathtub create the light scenarios themselves: The internal LED lights bathe the bath in blue or red tones that are both soothing and stimulating. With Duravit whirl system to ensure massage effects – just the thing for cold tense muscles.

Visit Duravit and discover the latest in bathroom innovation.

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