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Bathrooms Nov 23, 2023

Victorian Bathrooms Devon&Devon

In 1989, the world witnessed the emergence of two distinct icons in the realm of luxury bathroom design, each forging a unique path in their respective corners of the globe – Victorian Bathrooms in South Africa and Devon&Devon in Florence, Italy.

Founded by two architects and now part of Italcer Group, Devon&Devon is globally recognised for its unparalleled commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and style in the realm of bathroom products.

Zelda vanity table Celine tub

Victorian Bathrooms has consistently redefined the standards of what it means to be a luxury bathroom brand, and this year, after many years of admiring the unmatched craftsmanship of Devon&Devon, an exclusive partnership between the two brands has been established. ‘To have been chosen as the exclusive representative of Devon&Devon in Southern Africa is an extraordinary honour’. The partnership between these two curators of bathroom excellence promises a select portfolio of uncompromising quality and impeccable style that is at home in the most exclusive of bathroom projects.


Devon&Devon Twenties tap and Holiday tub

Devon&Devon have built their iconic brand on a foundation of traditional Italian design, with affects and accents inspired by the world. ‘Crafted in Florence. Inspired by the world’. Devon&Devon reflects a deep appreciation for quality materials and tasteful designs that reimagine the very highest of European tradition. Their products are not merely functional fixtures; they are exquisite pieces of art that transform ordinary spaces into sanctuaries of luxury. From meticulously crafted faucets to opulent bathtub designs, every element in their repertoire epitomizes the fusion of timeless aesthetics and contemporary sensibilities.

From its headquarters in Florence and its stores all over the world, the company offers everything you need to make every place a home where you feel at your best and want to come back again and again.

This extensive range of meticulously designed and crafted ware will now be within reach of the discerning architect, designer or homeowner in Southern Africa.


 For an exclusive Victorian Bathrooms’ showroom consultation contact them directly or simply drop in unannounced to experience a sampling of Devon&Devon firsthand. A captivating new display of Devon&Devon awaits at their Johannesburg showroom while samples and an array of literature and catalogues, that provide a glimpse into the world of Devon&Devon, can be found at their Cape Town showroom.

Special order with lead times to be confirmed at time of enquiry, subject to manufacturing and shipping.

Victorian Bathrooms 

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