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Bathrooms Apr 17, 2024

Creating Feature Walls with CTM

Give your home the edge with a beautiful feature wall featuring the latest products from CTM. Be inspired to create the perfect interior with these simple ideas…

Enhancing Your Space.
Feature walls are an exceptional way to revitalise a room, offering a variety of textures and striking visual effects. Utilising innovative inks and glazes, these tiles provide captivating surface effects and three-dimensional profiles.

The Essence of a Focal Point.
A focal point draws the eye naturally, dominating attention upon room entry. Have you pinpointed an area in your space to highlight?


Crafting a Focal Point: Key Strategies.
Contrast: Bold colours and patterns from our extensive range can match your decor style perfectly.
Hierarchy: Arrange furniture to spotlight the chosen area, framed by our exquisite feature tiles.
Texture: Incorporate texture into your design for depth and interest.
Light: Plan around light sources, using accent lighting to enhance 3D features, bringing your wall to life.

Ideal Locations for Feature Walls:
Bathroom: Highlight designer elements or create a stunning backdrop for your bath or vanity unit.
Kitchen: Transform splashbacks or an entire wall into a vibrant feature.
Living Area: Create a cosy space behind sofas or around the TV unit and fireplace.
Bedroom: Use feature tiles behind the bed to add depth or intimacy.


Various Configurations for Any Space:
Linear and Vertical Panels: Frame key areas or furniture.
Wallpaper Effect: Cover an entire wall for dramatic effect.
Listello Effects: Use band or border tiles for a dynamic contrast.
Random Configuration: Mix feature tiles for added movement and interest.
Wainscotting: Pair feature tiles with plain ones for a classic look.

Incorporating Colour:
Colour can profoundly influence mood and atmosphere. Choose calming greens and blues for relaxation or vibrant reds to stimulate appetite in kitchens.

Let feature tiles inspire and transform your home, creating spaces that not only reflect your style but also enhance your living experience.

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