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Bathrooms Mar 23, 2024

Classic Luxury Presents The Origini Collection

From the balanced combination of form and colour, materials and finishes, comes an innovative collection designed for contemporary well-being. For the first time, ORIGINI offers the inspiration and freedom to design the most intimate of living spaces to reflect the personality of the person living there. GESSI translates characters into colours and presents five triads associating them with five different personalities.

The personalisation of the bathroom is based on five iconic colours for five colour portraits and triads which can be combined as desired: monochromatic tactile rosa cipria, neutral achromatic greige clay, non-conformist metachromatic ochre, traditional multi-material coral cotto and natural metamaterial agave green.

For gentle souls and the romantic at heart who love a sense of intimacy, GESSI by Classic Luxury presents WARM, a monochromatic triad with a dominant warm, low-contrast colour, including super matt powder, warm bronze and dark bronze. Designed for those who wish to regenerate by carving out a private space in a bathroom, perhaps with a bathtub, where visual contrast is diminished to enhance tactile and olfactory perception. A cosy, relaxing environment, where the softness of pink is an invitation to leave the world at the doorstep.

WARM is the chromatic portrait of anyone who wants to lose track of time and to do so, the romantic at heart will find refuge in a space dedicated to privacy. A place in which to indulge in a sensual atmosphere, where scents, sounds and materials enhance every perception.

Metachromatic harmonies are an absolute innovation in the wellness world and for the first time, the colours and finishes can be mixed together in the same room. Pink offers a new tactile and sophisticated interpretation that highlights the softness of the lines and creates novel contrasts in the round decorative detail.

From the authentic and original abstraction of forms, the shallow basin mixer tap mirrors the proportions and adds a contemporary feel. The same finishes for the mixers are also available for the round inserts, which can be freely matched to personalise all components. The modular nature of the components in the ORIGINI collection, where round motifs are repeated to create a clean, flawless aesthetic effect, can also be enjoyed in the shower head, which is balanced by the formal lightness of the sliding rail set and tubular accessories.

The circle, shape par excellence, which transcends style and fashion, and finds expression in all the items in the collection. It is, however, the skilfully crafted metals that enhance the free gesture of creating a space where you can feel completely at ease.

Endless possibilities exist within the WARM triad for the layout of bathroom furniture that best reflects each individual’s personality. The choice ranges from tone-on-tone to the juxtaposition of the round milleluci decorative element on the warm bronze mixer tap.

For a total bathroom look, the Cristalplant® washbasin with soft-touch effect picks up on the circular archetypal form of the ORIGINI collection set in a minimalist surrounding. Sturdy and modern, it is available for countertop or free-standing in all five finishes in addition to white and matt black.


The four round decorative elements of the WARM collection can be changed at will between the various parts. You can choose from a plain colour, glossy metal, milleluci in various finishes or the ART motif with a geometric graphic style reminiscent of the collection’s rounded shapes where the delicate and elegant shades of pink showcase the curves. The graphic decoration links the glossy/matt effects to the chiaro scuro of the warmest triad in the ORIGINI collection.

Visit Classic Luxury  Gessi Boutique to view the collection.

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