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The beauty of Drop-In bathtubs by DADOquartz Bathware

Refurbishing your home means giving a new identity to the spaces that we have often grown to love. Giving your house a face-lift often allows you to improve and modernise much-loved spaces without taking away the essence of your home. Quality pieces as additions are something you should not have to forgo as a result of your current building structure. Your drop-in bathtub bathroom is an integral part of your home and should be treated as such.


Over the past 20 years DADOquartz has been on the forefront in the manufacturing of quality designer DADOquartz bathtubs in South Africa. Synonymous with opulence and luxury, DADOquartz’s bathtubs have brought quality freestanding bathtubs to South Africa and the world. While ensuing that they are aesthetically pleasing, DADOquartz has successfully continued to produce the worlds most luxurious bathtubs. We are excited to see the launch of DADOquartz’s newest offering which is the DADOquartz drop-in bathtubs.

DADOquartz manufactured drop-in bathtubs are the perfect replacement bathtubs for your preloved acrylic drop-in bathtubs. Manufactured from the renowned DADOquartz material that produces all exclusive freestanding DADOquartz bathtubs. DADOquartz drop-in bathtubs are the perfect answer to quality drop-in replacement bathtubs that are solid through and through, with a silky-smooth satin finish, high durability and a 25-year lifetime quality guarantee. DADOquartz drop-in bathtubs are available in the spacious oval shaped Conrad Bathtub and the squared Edward bathtub. With adjustable feet for an easy and steady eco-friendly installation, no need to fill your drop-in bathtub walled cavity with sand to ensure your bathtub remains stable and levelled.


True to form, DADOquartz Bathware continues to push design boundaries and offer functional opulence. Stark and minimalistic designs have taken over the world of interiors. Where less is more and consistently en trend. DADOquartz drop-in replacement bathtubs are the perfect fit for industrial edge finishes that embrace the much ado “naked bathtub” trend that has quickly taken the design world by storm.


DADOquartz bathware has proven time and again to be pioneers in the bathware industry and in this pursuit, have ensured that all DADOquartz bathtubs and basins including the new DADOquartz drop-in bathtubs continue to hold their celebrated and distinguished lifetime quality warranty. And that is bathware you can trust.

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