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Duravit: How Small Bathrooms Become Eye-Catching Spectacles

Is your bathroom on the small side? Do not fret. With smaller, more compact homes, comes smaller more functional bathrooms that we need to learn to love. Think smartly and create an eye-catching bathroom retreat, even if is it on the small side!

In the face of our increasing mobility and the ongoing urbanisation that represents a present-day mega-trend, the limited space available in towns and cities is being put to ever more creative use – be it in the guise of car sharing, urban gardening or the hip micro-apartment, for example. Homes, and above all small bathrooms, are fitted out in smart and flexible fashion: spatial boundaries are dissolved, bathrooms become eye-catching features in the smallest of spaces and ingenious solutions in the washing area highlight the interior design as a whole.

Shower Bath

Shower-toilet, shower and bath in one or floor-flush showers provide for greater freedom and individual scope in fitting out the bathroom. Homes are let on a temporary basis via internet platforms, couch surfers and friends are accommodated on impromptu visits, putting the private home and one’s own individuality on display in the process. Compact solutions are ideal in small bathrooms, providing for sufficient storage space and incorporating various functions. Finally, individual highlights turn even the smallest bathroom into a comfortable, larger-than-life attraction in the urban home which is admired by friends and guests as a relaxing, revitalising and inspiring environment.

Practical two-in-one products save space and provide for comfort in the bathroom – a case in point being the Shower + Bath developed by Duravit and EOOS. This new product combines bathing and showering in one: when the integrated glass door is closed, the walk-in shower is transformed into a bath. The glass partition is optionally available with a mirror glass finish on one side – an advantage for small bathrooms, as large mirror surfaces make the room appear larger as a whole. Compact exterior dimensions of 170 x 75 cm open up efficient installation options.     Floor-flush showers combine ideally with shower walls such as OpenSpace B by Duravit for greater freedom of movement in the bathroom. This innovative shower partition can simply be folded back against the wall after use. This means that the doors conceal tap fittings and shower heads, introduce a sense of calm into the room and make it genuinely larger. Together with the fold-away shower accessories (handle, shelf and seat), the shower area becomes an ideally conceived unit within the bathroom.

DuraStyle Compact

The comfortable shower-toilets are an appropriate choice for small bathrooms. The symbiosis of toilet and bidet provides gentle and natural cleansing with water. Duravit offers plenty of choice here, the designer bathroom manufacturer’s purist shower-toilet seat line SensoWash® Slim featuring in no less than eight Duravit ranges. Also available is the new Vero Air toilet, whose distinctive rectangular shape makes it a real eye-catcher in small bathrooms. This toilet is also particularly simple to clean, thanks to its integrated rimless flushing technology.


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