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SA Decor & Design is the leading publisher of decor and design guides in South Africa. For over 17 years we have produced SA Decor and Design - The Buyers' Guide, which is well utilised by both the local and international markets. We also publish the annually released Decor Digest, as well as our social media platforms, including the internationally renowned blog, Marcia Loves It!

The website is a fantastic resource on which you can purchase copies of our publications, search our online directory and visit the Marcia Loves It blog for inspirational ideas. So we urge you to take your time and explore the wonderful world of SA Decor & Design.

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Fendi Casa 2015 Collection
by SA Decor January 26 - 2015
Fendi Casa has been creating furniture and prestigious design objects since 1986, bringing unique Fendi designs into homes all over the world. The brand is driven towards......
Wood Dream House
by SA Decor January 26 - 2015
This elegant wooden holiday home is nestled in a forest in Friesland of the Netherlands. Equipped with a large kitchen and three cozy bedrooms, the living space has been......
#Truedesign masterpieces
by SA Decor January 26 - 2015
TrueDesign is proud to present Afritaly’s latest furniture collections, including the prestigious Kartell, Cassina, Nemo, Moroso and Zanotta brand names. Embark on a sp......
Creating inspiring spaces
by SA Decor & Design January 26 - 2015
Introducing Blue Planet Décor, an interior design company based in Pretoria. The company is fully-focussed on implementing creative, innovative interior design strategi......
Feminine-inspired bathrooms
by SA Decor January 26 - 2015
Your bathroom is a focal point of personal preference; characterised by traditional references and playful twists of your desire. Bathrooms can and should be decorated wi......
Chalk it up
by SA Decor & Design January 26 - 2015
Transform the old-school learning aid of the mighty chalkboard into an interactive and decorative element in your interior. Not only do chalkboards pose as stylish and ve......
Granny Goose Gift Registry
by SA Decor January 26 - 2015
Granny Goose, the purveyors of 100% down, feather and cotton products, have a proud track record; not only for the premium quality of its products but also for meticulous......
Be Open 2015
by SA Decor January 26 - 2015
Introducing The Garden of Wonders- A Journey Through Scents at this year’s “MADE IN…” EXPO, from the 13th of April to the 30th of May 2015. Presented with BE OPEN......
Retro Kitchen
by SA Decor January 26 - 2015
Have a blast with hardware and accessories that revive the style of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.  Improvise furnishing from cast -off  and conquer magic f......
'SA Décor & Design - The Buyers' Guide is a comprehensive reference for designers, decorators and homeowners - the perfect directory for anyone wanting to transform a home of office.'
Naomi Larkin, Editor - House & Leisure