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SA Decor & Design is the leading publisher of decor and design guides in South Africa. For over 17 years we have produced SA Decor and Design - The Buyers' Guide, which is well utilised by both the local and international markets.

The website is a fantastic resource on which you can purchase copies of our publication, search our online directory and visit the Marcia Loves It blog for inspirational ideas. So we urge you to take your time and explore the wonderful world of SA Decor & Design.

Bringing Paris Home
by SA Decor March 27 - 2015
Penny Drue Baird’s “Bringing Paris Home” invites you to re-create the panache of French interior design in a Western setting. Author Penny Drue Baird shares her......
Raw lentil stew
by SA Decor & Design March 27 - 2015
This deliciously nutritious recipe was created by food-blogger Sonja Beute of Raw Road. As healthy as it is tasty, enjoy a portion of raw lentil stew for lunch or a light......
Smart Art showcases DLH Design
by SA Decor & Design March 27 - 2015
Smart Art recently created an impressive installation at the Nambian airport for its long-standing client Sandra Lamprech, design guru from DLH Design. The installation c......
Eco-friendly paper bags
by SA Decor March 27 - 2015
Uashmama’s original made-in-Italy paper products have found a home in South Africa.  These innovative creations are made with love, using eco-friendly paper, by LE SOR......
Beautiful kitchen bar stools
by SA Decor & Design March 27 - 2015
Nowadays, entertaining guests at home often means congregating in the kitchen. Our social lifestyles call for interactivity, intimacy and flexibility; so why not design y......
Concrete kitchen craze
by SA Decor March 27 - 2015
Concrete kitchens are hot in demand this season, appraised for their versatility that combines the cool and sleek with the warm and cosy. Today, concrete is used more tha......
Enchanting bode
by SA Decor March 27 - 2015
This beautiful residence is located in São Paulo, Brazil. Homeowner Marcos Paulo Caldeira was enchanted by the charm of the building so he decided to renovate the 80m²......
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