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Since 1872, deep in the Bavarian Forest, Zwiesel Glas’ philosophy has been inspired by our exquisite surrounds, to create extraordinary crystal glassware.

For Zwiesel Glas and Schott Zwiesel, the details compose of moments and memories, never to be forgotten.

The dedication, precision and experience of our glassmakers is reflected in the exceptional quality of our glassware and the wonderful sounds they create – awakening touch, feel, sounds, smell and taste.

The Zwiesel note stands for the melody of togetherness – an impulse for guests, hosts and friendships to beat as one in joy and harmony. A reminder that shared joy is the most beautiful experience.

The ebb and flow of voices. The sound of glasses mingling with laughter. Connections with a smile. Getting together. Sharing together. This is what gives soul to our love for glass and craftsmanship.

Zwiesel Glas guarantees quality through the sophisticated handling of material and appreciation of attention to detail by our committed employees.

In our factories we experience the fascinating artistry of our master craftsmen. Their techniques have been perfected and passed down through generations.

Day after day, our glassmakers work with commitment and passion on these techniques to further develop aesthetics.

Every step from design, manufacturing until delivery of your glassware is given an individual touch.

With us, craftsmanship turns precision and brilliance into the finest premium products: Zwiesel Glass.

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