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Carmé Restaurant’s
by Ottiu

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    Carmé Restaurant’s by

    Carmé Restaurant’s owners decided to honor their most important person in the world, their’s mother, by giving her name to this glamorous place. The Italian restaurant offers the best of Mediterranean and Neapolitan Cuisine. Besides the Bistro area where you can enjoy a cocktail and quick meal, Carmè provides also a furnished outdoor area and a private bar room. There you can find our Tippi dining chair.

    About Ottiu

    Ottiu – Beyond Upholstery is a brand of upholstered furniture born in Porto, Portugal in 2014. It was created to answer the question: are seating products only for meant for seating? Ottiu pieces are more than their function; they are designed to become the center of attention while creating a harmonious union with the decorative elements that surround them. As with all Emotional Brands creations, Ottiu lives to achieve excellence in its production and total client satisfaction. We only develop a high-end brand when we are able to assure the best possible production for our designs, which is why we partnered with a company with decades of experience and proven know-how in the manufacturing of upholstered furniture.


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