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CS-701 Soba Knife (330mm)
by WAZA Japan Store

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    CS-701 Soba Knife (330mm) by
    WAZA Japan Store

    The Tadafusa CS-701 is a soba kiri or soba knife designed specifically to prepare soba noodles from fresh dough. The blade is forged from white paper carbon steel, therefore offers an incredible cutting edge. It requires some maintenance, as carbon steel can oxidise.

    Making soba is a specialised task and requires a specialised tool. The blade is a single bevel, with both the front and bottom edges sharpened for cutting through dough. It comes with a wooden blade protector that also doubles as a cutting guide and is wrapped in a sturdy canvas bag.

    About WAZA Japan Store

    WAZA Japan Store celebrates Japanese Craftsmanship. Inspired by the founders’ own regular visits to Japan since 2004, WAZA imports a premium collection of functional and durable everyday goods for the home, work place and garden. Based in Cape Town and Tokyo, WAZA sells via its online and physical retail stores and accepts wholesale orders through a dedicated B2B portal. As experts in Japan, WAZA specialises in bespoke and custom sourcing of Japanese goods like tatami mats, futons and other décor items, via its extensive network of artisans and suppliers.


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