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Cross Leg Dining Table
by Renouve Studios

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    Cross Leg Dining Table by
    Renouve Studios

    Pictured here is cottonwood dining table where the cracks have been filled with black epoxy.

    Please note the prices shown here are not including the cost of epoxy

    About Renouve Studios

    Renouve Studios was started in 2020, in the heart of the pandemic, with the purpose of closing the loop in the circular economy by breathing new life into damaged and outdated furniture, and finding deeper meaning in the things we buy.

    Since then we have expanded into a broad range of disciplines. Our focus now lies with custom commissions, product design and manufacturing, restoration, modernization of old furniture for resale, and metalwork. We love to combine steel & wood and we believe in uncompromising quality, service and unique design. All of our items share stories from before one’s present moment.

    With restoration, we bring a renewed life to furniture, reviving lost beauty and ensuring our pieces live on through skilled and attentive craftsmanship.

    What does our name mean?

    "Renouve" is short for "Renouveler", which in French, means "To renew".


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