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Zelliges Burgundy
by Opia Design

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    Zelliges Burgundy by
    Opia Design

    Zelliges Burgundy 100x100

    Suitability: Indoor, Outdoor, Wall and Floor

    "Zellige" means tiles in Arabic, all tiles and used to differentiate this specific product from
    any other handmade ceramic tile, and to refer to the craft that has
    retained its ancient making process, using the Miocene clay from Morocco.
    Besides the specific clay, colour variation and uneven surface are obtained by the placement
    of the Zellige in the kiln (oven); the different exposure to the flame which will shape them
    and alter the colour of the enamel make any installation unique and recognizable.

    About Opia Design

    Opia Design is a supplier of traditional moroccan zellige in South Africa. Our products are designed by internationally renowned creators and handmade by Moroccan artisans. As our company grow, we increasingly saw the potential of partnerships with talented creators and designers in South Africa to provide additional services and products to our valued clients. Today, Opia Design is proud to partner with the most renowned designers and suppliers for the procurement phase of their projects.


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