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Lisboa Dried Flowers
by BFloral

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    Lisboa Dried Flowers by

    Made up of:

    pale pink hydrangea
    yellow hydrangea
    white asparagus fern
    pink dream star
    palm spade
    brazillian star flower

    About BFloral

    A South African based online florist providing you with forever blooms of preserved and dried floral arrangements. Our aim is to fill your homes, coffee shops, hotels, offices, receptions and any interior space with flowers that will last forever. BFloral will take away the stress of always having to replace your floral arrangements.

    All our products are natural and undergo a specific process of preservation and drying. This process allows for the longevity of natural flowers, our products have a lifetime that ranges from that of 1-6 years, and beyond, creating that everlasting effect.

    Our blooms are both locally and internationally sourced.

    Our sister company easyivy is the top selling artificial foliage company in South Africa, together our goals aim to provide you an ever-lasting and maintenance free effect of life and colour in any space.

    We believe that both dried, preserved and artificial foliage can provide you with a sustainable source of beauty that will never fade.


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