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Rehau: Go Green and Create an Eco-friendly Home

More and more buildings are constructed using eco-friendly products. So, what does it actually mean to be eco-friendly? We asked the professionals from Rehau to tackle this all-important question with a look at how a home loses heat and promotes green living.

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Eco-friendly products ensure that the environment is harmed as little as possible and that the carbon footprint is reduced. In other words, eco-friendly products promote green, sustainable living. One such example is a newly built development in Bryanston, Gauteng, where the homes were constructed using double-glazed uPVC windows by Rehau, heat pumps and solar panels to make sure that the homes are as energy efficient as possible. Whereas heat pumps and solar panels supply cost-efficient heating solutions, single and/or double-glazed Rehau uPVC windows ensure that the heat generated by the heat pumps and solar panels is not lost through the glass and window frames. Without double-glazed uPVC windows, as much as 30% of heat loss and gain in a house dissipates through its windows and doors. In other words, with double (or even single glazed) Rehau uPVC windows, the home will be comfortable all year round with less electricity being used.

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Why don’t you go green and install eco-friendly solutions in your home? Remember, Rehau provides Polymer based solutions for increasing energy efficiency, water management, renewable energy, future mobility and future living. Contact: Rehau

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